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1-Year Replacement Warranty

What is One year replacement Plan?

At ECITY, we understand that purchasing electronic devices is an investment, and we want to ensure you experience worry-free ownership. That's why we are thrilled to offer you our unparalleled 1-Year Replacement Warranty on all smartphones & laptops. With our 1-Year Replacement Warranty, your device is covered during the first year of the manufacturer’s warranty against unexpected malfunctions and defects.

Eligibility & Coverage:

  1. The replacement warranty is applicable on smartphones & laptops purchased at ECITY retail store or online with effect from 9th Dec 2023
  2. Validity of replacement warranty is 1 Year from the corresponding item’s invoice date.


Conditions for Replacement:

  1. Replacement warranty is applicable subject to verification by authorized service center that the reported defect or issue is covered under brand’s standard warranty coverage terms & conditions.
  2. If the reported defect or error is not covered for service/repair under standard warranty terms, the replacement warranty claim will be void and the defective device will be repaired by the brand’s service center with applicable charges paid by the customer.
  3. If the unit is applicable for the replacement, fair usage charges will be calculated & applied at a rate of 2.5% per month from the date of purchase. Fair usage charges will be applied while processing the replacement guaranteed.
  4. In case stock of relevant device is not available for replacement, then a credit note will be issued with a validity of 6 months.
  5. The original box/packaging & accessories must be submitted by the customer for processing replacement.
  6. The ECITY team will take 15 business days to process & complete the replacement warranty.

Exclusions & non-applicability

  1. Physical damages, accidental damages (such as drops, spills & liquid immersion), software malfunctioning, software updates defects arising from natural calamities, product resetting/readjustments, or any consumable part replacement will not be covered under the replacement plan
  2. Products with dents and scratches will not be applicable for the One-Year Replacement Plan.
  3. Store display, open products, units under Clearance sale & End of life products are not eligible for the replacement plan.


Q1. If the unit has minor scratch and dent will it be covered under replacement plan if the need for repair is required for normal warranty repair?
If the unit has scratch and dent it will not be applicable under One year Replacement warranty plan.
Q2. Will the customer receive email with Sales invoice and terms and condition of the One-year replacement plan?
Q3. If Software update is required to fix the issue will the unit be eligible for One year replacement plan?
Q4. Is it possible to avail the One year replacement plan during the tenure of Extended Warranty?
Currently this is for first year of the purchase. However, in Extended Warranty replacement is given if the repair is beyond Economical with depreciation charge.
Q5. Brand which provides two years manufacturing warranty hence will there be any change in the replacement warranty plan?
No, the replacement warranty will be applicable only during the 1st year of purchase.
Q6. How the calculation would be done to deduct the fair usage charge?

2.5% of the product value will be deducted for each month of usage in the form of Fair usage charge and this charge needs to be paid by the customer during the time of replacement.

Q7. If the unit is replaced under replacement plan will the Extended Warranty if bought will be transferred to new unit if yes, how it will be transferred?
Yes, it will be transferred on new unit replaced. New invoice will have the Extended Warranty printed on it.

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